Write The Song You Want To Hear


A songwriting group, Winter 2018

To write a song is to make something out of the air – an invisible token you can carry with you always, give to others and keep for yourself. As a member of this group, you’ll be encouraged to identify themes you’re sitting with – the seeds of songs that are in you already. I’ll take you through the songwriting process; guide you to shape your questions and feelings into melody and words. You’ll help other group members to create their songs by giving feedback and offering musical support. You’ll have the option to record your songs if you like, and to create other pieces of art that correspond to the music you make. You don’t need to have had any musical training to take part in this group. All you need is to want to write a song.

  • The group will meet for 10 sessions. Sessions will be 1.5 hours in length. Exact dates and times will depend on group members' availability.

  • Sessions will be held at my studio at Yonge and Lawrence.

  • The group will include no more than 4 members.

  • The program fee (10 sessions total) for each group member is $600.

  • Create Institute students can count sessions towards their EXA therapy hours. (Each session counts as one hour.)

To join the group or ask questions about it, please contact me: sarahjteitel@gmail.com

* If I were thinking of joining a songwriting group, I'd want to hear music the person running the group had written.

You can listen to some of my songs here: https://soundcloud.com/araheitel

Corporate Workshops

I can come to your workplace and lead your team in art-making activities; activities that enhance the productivity and well-being of participants. Workshops are generally a half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours). Cost varies depending on size and specifics of group. I custom-design these workshops. Here are some themes and scenarios I use as building blocks. 

Art for Self-Care

Even the best work environments can be tense at times. Making art is a uniquely effective way to de-stress. In addition to it’s calming action, art-making offers opportunity for reflection and symbolizing. Artists get to play with texture, colour, shape, line, sound. They also get to turn their frustrations, challenges and hopes into pictures and music. I can come to your workplace and take employees on an art-holiday – an out of the ordinary experience that relaxes and revitalizes them and leads them to new perspectives. I’ll also give tips on how your group can incorporate art-making into their day-to-day lives so that they can continue to reap the stress-busting benefits of art. 

Art for Team-Building

Collaborating on a piece of art is an effective, fun team-building exercise for co-workers. In order to bring an artwork to life, group members must cooperate, notice and utilize each other’s strengths, define and delegate tasks, turn ideas into action. These skills are directly transferable to corporate teamwork. I can come to your workplace and guide employees to conceptualize and actualize a piece of art. As well, I’ll lead them to reflect on their patterns of operation and interaction throughout the creative process. Emphasis will be on active listening, empathy, and thoughtful conflict management. We’ll also work to make the art object aesthetically appealing. At the end of the day, you’ll have a more cohesive, dynamic team – and an eye-catching piece of art you can display in your office space. 

Arts-based Body Processing: Group Model

This is a method designed for people who regularly engage in a physical practice like yoga, dancing, sports. I can come to your space (studio, gym, etc.) and guide workshop participants to create art and music themed around body sensations they experience during or as a result of their physical practice. I’ll lead participants to pictorially and/or sonically represent feelings they experience related to their practices. We’ll use the artwork as a jumping off point for reflection and more art activity; activity designed to enhance physical and emotional awareness, and to knit those two types of awareness together in new and helpful ways. 

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